Olmacher Dairy: #1

I wasn’t feeling very motivated yesterday, and today I didn’t feel much like digging through photos to find something to fail to paint.

Yeah yeah. I know.

Anyway, I sat down at a blank piece of paper and started messing around. I didn’t really have much of a goal in mind, nor did I have a full vision of what I wanted to paint. I just started sketching, and then started painting.

I didn’t have a photo or anything, and Olmacher Dairy isn’t a real place (as far as I know.) I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s one somewhere in Holmes county… it’s a pretty common name around there.

I don’t have any notes or lessons learned. I tried something new on the barn by painting a bajillion trillion lines. If anything, it was good practice painting lines.

And, I tried painting a crazy thick splash of pigment, and then lifting lines out of it for the grass, that worked pretty well. Something to try more of.

So… Here it is.