Suzi hike: #2

This is the second painting for Suzi Lantz’s 100x Leadership Summit.

I liked how the distant mountains worked in the first painting, so I tried to copy that here. One thing I wanted to improve on was that the first painting ended up feeling like a series of one-dimensional hills stacked up against each other. I thought adding more dimension to each hill would help, and tried to achieve this by adding more value changes to each hill. I think this worked, but if I had it to do again, I would soften the lines on the hills.

On the first draft I didn’t like the crevasse, so this time I replaced it with rocks. I like this much more than the crevasse, but looking at it again, I want the closest rock to extend farther into the grass on the right in order to exaggerate the perspective.

The hikers I like. The lead hiker is facing more left than in the first painting, and I prefer the more straight on perspective of that hiker in the first painting. The distant hiker is now more straight on, which I greatly prefer over the position of that hiker in the first painting. I also like that this hiker is halfway hidden by the hill, giving the impression that the hiker is in the process of creating that hill.

In general, I’m pleased with this one – I think it might be my favorite in the series.

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