Hork! Hnnnnnnorrrrrgchhh! Bleargh.

Wow, this didn’t work at all.

I started by really trying to focus on creating planes in the image to capture light coming from different angles. I managed to define those planes – and then some. My sketch was very angular because I wanted to set a scaffold for my painting so I wouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the cliffs and rocks and trees all needed some perspective in order to keep them from looking as flat as they did in the last painting. But, when I went to paint them in, whoa boy did I keep to my sketch. Each face in this image is ridiculously geometric, and the scale is completely off. It looks like somebody built a ravine out of chicken wire and plywood and then wrapped a watercolor painting around it – only, not that cool.

I like the leaves on the tree, and that’s about it. This painting is one of my least favorites lately, but… it’s all part of learning I guess.


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