Winnie at the Piano

I took this photo of my daughter playing around on the piano a while ago, and I have wanted to paint it for some time. Today, I decided to sketch it out, and give it a go.

I don’t paint figures often, so I don’t feel that I paint them particularly well. But I’m reasonably pleased with this given that I’m still such a beginner.

First, I sketched the image in pencil. This really helped me a lot because it forced me to pay very close attention to details like the angles and proportions in the image. I also decided to merge the back of the piano and the bench in the lower right. I’ll need to merge more shapes in order to improve the composition.

Before painting I sketched the image. I ended up using a draftsman’s compass to check the dimensions. It turns out her head is one unit wide, and tall. I’m very tired, so I’m just going to go to bed, and try again tomorrow.

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