Farm Road: #25

This time I tried to paint the sky in a single pass, I started with cobalt blue in the top right, and gradually washed in heavily watered yellow ochre, and cerulean, by the time I got to the horizon I was just using water, but I wasn’t careful enough to pull pigment to the horizon on the right of the distant barn.

The grass was all done with Quinacradone Gold and Cobalt Blue, letting them mix to green on the paper. I used a bit too much Quin Gold.

The roadside shrub was all done with Quin Gold, alazarin red, and Payne’s grey. I tried painting that with a dry brush, and I like the resulting texture.

I tried to make the figure appear to be carrying a heavy bucket, not sure how well it comes across.

I like the distant trees, and the distant barn. The near house I really don’t like.

I tried something new with the trees, I tried laying a thick bead of dark pigment at the top, letting it run down and bead up at the bottom of the tree. I let the bead dry hoping the backwash cauliflower would provide some interesting texture, but it didn’t give the texture I wanted so I added some light Payne’s Grey to add some shadows.

Overall, I’m happy with the sky, road, and roadside bushes. The rest – meh. The house – bleargh…


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