Red-Bellied Woodpecker

The next painting in the series of bird paintings for my friends Tyler and Shanti is a Red-Bellied Woodpecker. I LOVE seeing this guy show up at my bird feeder, so I was pretty excited to paint him.

One thing – in case you don’t know. The red-bellied woodpecker has a red head, yes. But it does indeed have a red belly. It’s just that the red on it’s belly is smalll, and faint, compared to the red you see on it’s head.

Also, I wonder if it’s poisonous. In nature, aren’t red things usually poisonous?

Anyway – I didn’t take any progress shots of this painting, so I only have the final to show

I like how I did the head so that it’s not entirely composed of solid lines. I picked a couple of areas, and used a damp brush to feather the edge in those places.

I’m also happy with the three trunk or post that it’s standing on. I’m really tired, and I’m falling asleep as I type this so I’m going to pack things up.

I think the next one is going to be a bluebird. We’ll see – maybe not.


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