I am proud of this and I’m going to give it to somebody.

Ok so how I made this was I took some Q-Tips and I dipped them in paint and then I tapped them on the paper to make the leaves.

And how I did the trunk was I took a paint brush and I made a line down, and like a ball and some lines in the tree. And that’s how I made the trunk.

And how I made the grass was I took a toothbrush and I just dipped it in some green paint and I went up and down and up and down and up and down until I got to the tape.

And then how I made the rain was I dipped my finger in some blue paint and I dabbed it on the paper.

And how I did the sky was I dipped my paint brush in the blue paint and then I spreaded it on the paper and then I took some toilet paper and I dotted it and I turned it a little bit to make the clouds, and then I made some more clouds.

And that’s how I made my painting.